West Side Story (1961)


Riff: Boy, am I a victim of disappointment in you.

Starring: Natalie Wood as Maria, George Chakiris as Bernardo and Richard Beymar as Tony, dir. Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise

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Cinematographer: Daniel L. Fapp (Our Man Flint, The Great Escape)

Rebel Without a Cause (1955)


Jim Stark: I woke up this morning, you know… and the sun was shining, and it was nice, and all that type of stuff. And the first thing, I saw you, and, uh, I said, “Boy, this is gonna be one terrific day, so you better live it up, because tomorrow you’ll be nothing.” You see? And I almost was.

Starring: James Dean as Jim Stark, Natalie Wood as Judy, Sal Mineo as John ‘Plato’ Crawford, dir. Nicholas Ray

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