Sausage Party (2016) Movie Review


As someone who works at a grocery store once a week, I cannot wait to go back after seeing this movie…

Sausage Party is an R-rated animated Seth Rogen joint (heh sorry) directed by Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan and tells the story of Frank the Sausage (voiced by Rogen) learning the truth of what occurs to all happy-go-lucky grocery store items when they leave the comfort of their supermarket home and go to the Great Beyond, ie. a human being’s home. Now I will admit, I laughed way more than I expected… Mostly because I was just wondering what the everliving fuck my eyes were witnessing. If you’re looking for some type of subtlety in this comedic romp, you’ve come to the wrong place. They really pound the idea of the ridiculousness of the Great Beyond into the heads of the audience, and that believing in such a thing is silly and wrong. Regardless, I did appreciate that there was some type of substance in this animated movie that SPOILER has a climatic food orgy scene END SPOILER. 

The various food characters were actually fleshed out pretty well and they all have distinct personalities, despite them being walking stereotypes of their real-life counterparts; the Curry Paste hilariously had exaggerated Indian accents and the Salsas were considered illegals. MAKE GROCERY STORES GREAT AGAIN! I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Frank & Brenda (voiced by Kristen Wiig) and believed these star-crossed lovers had a history together. There were a ton of secondary characters that were voiced by an array of actors, including Jonah Hill and Sausage George Michael Michael Cera— both voices I immediately recognized, Salma Hayek as a feisty taco, Craig RobinsonPaul RuddBill Hader and Edward Norton played a relatively important role that I didn’t even realize was him until the end credits! There is a Douche character voiced by Nick Kroll that I wasn’t really a fan of toward the beginning, however as the movie progressed I enjoyed him more and more and thought he was a brilliant antagonist. There were MANY moments that had me cracking up, particularly watching the dynamic between various household items and loving how each respective character’s abilities were utilized during an intense climax.

sausage potato.gif
breakout performance

There were about three or four secondary subplots occurring during the main plot and scenes did flow relatively well together, although there were a couple scenes that dragged on a bit.. Honestly, the animation alone is worth the price of admission. Guys, this is a beautiful looking movie. It sounds ridiculous but I was in awe of what I was watching because it was just so enthralling! I only wish they ventured out to more locations because I wanted to see everything through the lens of this animation. Many cite the overuse of profanity as an issue, however for me personally it wasn’t all that bad. Maybe it’s because I have the mouth of a drunk sailor attending a Tupac concert but I quite enjoyed seeing these items communicate with each other in a way the universe deemed as an everyday interaction. There were also a few references to some of my all-time favourite movies, including Terminator 2 (1991) and In The Heat of the Night (1967), that I thoroughly appreciated.


If you’re looking for a fun and hilariously inappropriate movie to watch with a bunch of your friends while stone-cold sober or marginally inebriated, check out Sausage Party. You’re guaranteed a couple of laughs, how do I know this? I don’t drink and was sober as a nun while watching and I laughed throughout it. Take that as you will…

Would it have been nice with a few of everyone’s favourites brownies (ie. marijuana)?
Maybe not.
Maybe fuck yourself.

Sausage Party receives 4/5 Matt Damon heads.


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The Nice Guys (2016) Movie Review

nice guys2
The Nice Guys, or as I like to call it, THANK YOU SHANE BLACK.

Right off the bat I will say this: The Nice Guys thus far is one of my favourite films of the year. I was intrigued by the pairing of Russell Crowe/Ryan Gosling and really didn’t know what to expect… The outcome was a pleasant surprise that left me smiling more than someone taking up drinking. Every character in this movie served a purpose. I honestly cannot think of any glaring dead weight and that is a testament to fantastically written characters.

Now there are actors under the age of 25 in this movie and child actors are known for being less than stellar in certain movies… The kids in this movie are essentially the complete opposite of Rick and Evie’s kid in The Mummy Returns. I have to give a shout out to Angourie Rice who played Gosling’s daughter, Holly. Her character and acting was honestly child-actor-from-GameofThrones-good.

Brilliant on-screen father/daughter pairing

There were hilarious similarities drawn between the character of Jessica/Janet (Janice?) that reminded me of the Carol/Cheryl name issue in Archer and Margaret Qualley AKA Jill from The Leftovers, who really nails her role as the daughter of the problematic hunky father in the phenomenal HBO series, gives a fine performance in this movie however there are certain moments I found her overdoing it.


Kim Basinger also makes an appearance but I found myself thinking she was confused between giving a subdued, quiet performance and being literally stone-faced. There were sprinkles of absurdity sprinkled throughout the movie that had me fucking cracking up during certain moments and Blue Face is an example of the absurdity where I never became tired with his eccentricities. In any lesser movie I would’ve wanted someone to kill him the minute he came on screen, but I just found him ridiculously endearing.

As mentioned, the visual gags and dialogue in The Nice Guys had me cracking up. Without delving into that spoiler territory, there was a moment I thought would come to fruition later on, however it completely deviated the notion in a way I never would have thought of. I sense this is one of those movies I need to rewatch a couple of times in order to witness the gags again and really just to listen to the dialogue again because this is such a funny script; numerous callbacks made and consistently showcasing the various talents both Gosling and Crowe have…

Side note: the soundtrack and aesthetics of this movie are AMAZING. I found myself nodding my head along at certain parts and making my eyes very happy with 1970’s Los Angeles the next.


You hear people complain every other day about “aw man! Where are the original properties nowadays? Why is everything a Superhero movie?? Why is x being remade when the original is so good??!!” I’m in the Camp of I don’t really mind sequels and remakes and reboots and prequels and reboots of the prequels or whatever, but when a completely new story comes into theatres, the general audience just doesn’t seem to gravitate toward it that much as they would an already-established property. It is a sad state of affairs but money speaks louder than originality and in the end, Hollywood is a business. If they have a choice between making an Angry Birds movie and being certain of making a return on it, 10 times out of 10 they will choose to make a movie like that over an R-rated (Rated 14A here in Ontario because boobs shouldn’t scar a 16 year old) action-comedy with witty banter and boobs.

Now you could also argue that making such movies like the Angry Birds allows studios to take more chances with properties such as The Nice Guys so I guess what I’m saying is, if your schedule and life allows it, please watch The Nice Guys. 

If you’re looking for a movie that is a culmination of dark humour, shootout action and incredibly fantastic chemistry between the main leads, check out the Mexican and Filipino in The Nice Guys.

The Nice Guys receives 4.5/5 Matt Damon heads.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) Movie Review



We are welcomed back into the world of the Porku-Packa (Portokalos) family, with a movie so damn sweet it’ll give you the ‘beetus

Let me preface this by saying the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my favourite romantic comedies of all time. When I first heard news of a sequel coming out 14 years (wait it’s been 14 fucking YEARS?!?) after the original, obvious hesitation was my initial reaction since we’ve all become accustomed to the recent slew of comedy sequels that take place 10+ years after the original being less than stellar… cough Zoolander 2 and the absolute abomination that was Dumb and Dumber Eff Right Off.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is an incredibly enjoyable film.
If you were a fan of the first one, the sequel has a few more physical gags (the most glaring one was the quick shot of Toula getting hit in the head by the volleyball) that I’m not a huge fan of however, thankfully they didn’t overdo them and the characters are a bit more caricaturey, but overall I was laughing aloud during many scenes. This movie gave me and the audience genuine laughter and it was wonderful to experience.

  • The #1 job a comedy has, in my eyes, is to make you genuinely laugh.
    Not “ah, I get it yeah” laughter. I mean serious guffaw laughter. There are SO many comedies out there that are not capable of the latter and instead, has a collection of the former for the entire run-time. Dumb and Dumber To? This movie provided a whopping total of 1 laugh from me, and it came at the end credits when it showed scenes from the original. Greek Wedding 2 had me laughing throughout.
Seeing the entire original cast back pulled at my nostalgia strings.

The family dynamic between everyone is incredibly hilarious and Andrea Martin is an absolute riot and a half. Let me put this out there: if they decide to make anthology Greek Wedding films, I would not be opposed to a Rogue Thea: A Voula Story prequel. Regardless of whether you have an aunt similar to her (I have around 3), the completely sound advice she gives will have you cracking up throughout it and I am so glad she returned.

spoiler alert

The weaker aspect of the film are the scenes set in the high school of Toula and Ian’s teenage daughter, moreso with the teenagers and promposals but let’s face it, teenagers suck anyway so this isn’t news. And thankfully those scenes are under 10 minutes so you can go to the bathroom when the scene contains only teenagers.
Elena Kampouris’ character of Paris actually develops. She has the regular teenage rebellion thing going on a bit but, and something I really appreciated, was you can tell she genuinely loves the family and without delving too much into spoiler territory, a realization is made regarding a huge decision that tugs on those heartstrings a bit. Especially with how that ultimate decision is made.

… It was a bit jarring seeing Lainie Kazan‘s new face but I got used to it.

lainey 1lainey2

I’ve been seeing a few saying John Corbett, for lack of a better word, sucks. He’s not anything too special but he certainly didn’t take me out of the movie. There is actually a pretty touching moment between he and his father that was pretty humourous, seeing the stark contrast between his family and Toula’s. Speaking of Toula, I love Nia Vardalos and her character works immensely well with every family member. I felt more of a connection with Toula and her thea Voula than her and her own mother but I think that’s more of a testament to Andrea Martin’s, again, fantastically hilarious performance.
This movie made me have a permanent smile on my face through its entire run-time and, from a pure selfish standpoint, I loved seeing them Toronto landmarks and side streets 🙂

If you’re a fan of the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding, watch the sequel. It has all the right amount of nostalgic callbacks without overshadowing it and really seeing everyone back together is worth the price of admission.
If you’re looking for a comedy sequel that isn’t terrible with a fun cast and have an hour and a half to spare, check out My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 receives 4/5 Matt Damon heads.


The Night Before (2015) Movie Review


I rarely go into movies completely blind. For the last 3 weeks after moving into our new place, I was completely Internet and TV-less so I was barely able to check up on any movie news, releases and the like. A good friend of mine asked if I wanted to see this new movie starring Seth Rogen and one of my fantasy husbands Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Figured I like the two so why not?!

… I went into The Night Before completely blind and came out with the biggest smile on my face it hurt. Guys, I adored this movie.

JGL can honestly charm the pants off a mannequin. Seth Rogen had me cracking up throughout the film. Anthony Mackie was fantastic. The chemistry between these 3 was just something else, I truly believed they were the best of friends. Every secondary character served a purpose and did not feel like dead weight.. It’s a miracle to spot that in a comedy!

Lizzy Caplan makes me a happy camper and HO BOY the character of Josh was spectacular. The standout for me, and I believe many others, had to have been Michael Shannon.. The mysterious “quiet intensity” this man possesses is bone-chilling and made me uncomfortable yet at ease every time he was on screen.. shannon

*Side note:* and honestly, I felt more love between Diana & Ethan for 10 minutes moreso than the entire relationship between Bond & Swann in Spectre.. But that is for another review.

Besides all the characters that were actually developed.. The writing of this movie was surprisingly incredible. Everything connected, there was virtually no wasted plot because every single piece of dialogue served its purpose. There were also way too many times I felt things I did not expect to feel, my friends. Labeling it strictly as a “stoner comedy” does it an injustice.. A 16 year old slacker can enjoy this film just as much as a 36 year old housewife can, however they may love it for different reasons which shows that it can truly transcend audiences.

Besides a few glaring lapses of logic that made me go HAH?? (yes.. I’m aware it’s a movie but don’t tell me these guys honestly thought they could pull off that Goldeneye moment) The Night Before delivers in the greatest way possible.. It made me laugh hard in one minute and warm my heart the next. If you’re looking for a particular film like that, PLEASE check out The Night Before. It is a beautifully made R-rated comedy perfect for a hilarious night out with friends. Cannot recommend it enough.

The Night Before receives 4.5/5 Matt Damon heads.