Crimson Peak (2015) Movie Review


Oh Guillermo del Toro… No one can deny that you make delectably beautiful looking movies. Crimson Peak is arguably one of the better looking movies this year, its intense imagery of things we all despise like insects and insects eating butterflies really lends itself to just how beautiful this movie is. The richness of the colours is a sight to see in the theatre and the houses… The architecture on those houses, man, are the wet dreams of every architect in every Rom Com ever.

crimson house

The performances of the brother/sister duo of Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain is simply brilliant. Chastain is one of my favourite actresses working in Hollywood today so her phenomenal acting was an expected treat, however Hiddleston really was the standout. He plays sneaky. lovely. creepy. sexy AND broody bloody terrifically. The over-the-topness from both Hiddleston and Chastain was entertaining to witness and believe me… There was some super over-the-topness.

The siblings’ best John Lennon impersonation

Unfortunately, with the good comes the… not so good. I did not expect Crimson Peak to be the absolute jump scare galore it was. I think the word “subtle” was never mentioned in the writers room when this film was being created. The movie suffers from the common horror trope of… quiet… music playing… shhh, nothing’s happening here… you’re not anticipating SUDDEN NOISE BAM BOOM HA GOT YOU. You know I didn’t mind the one jump scare here and there because that is, of course, expected out of a horror-type movie… However what Crimson Peak does is it makes the audience member anticipate the jump scare. I know when the jump scare was coming. I don’t want to know. The music suddenly quieted and the character has a sense of calmness? Yeah, the jump scare is imminent.

As a “Gothic romance” as so many are calling it, the pairing of Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska was.. subpar, at best. There was a hint of chemistry between the two but I think Wasikowska/Charlie Hunnam had much more of a spark… And those two were arguably the weakest out of the four so that may have had something to do with it.

It took me way too long to realize this was Charlie Hunnam

Yet another HOWEVER, however… The final 20 minutes or so of this film is absolutely cuckoo bananas. Every actor involved really showcased their acting chops brilliantly, particularly the aforementioned Mia Wasikowska, she actually managed to do something other than walking around creepy hallways grasping onto those damn candles for dear life. I have to mention it again, Jessica Chastain: you’re my hero.


Crimson Peak suffers from being so great to look at, but having nothing really substantial on the inside. Essentially a film embodiment of Steve Stifler. With way more romance and violence. The direction from del Toro is known, however, it is beautifully directed (someone give me a dollar for every time I mention ‘beautiful’) and his scene setups were fantastic.

If you’re looking for a nice movie to watch on Halloween with loved ones and the whole family, watch Addams Family Values or Halloweentown. If you want to see shit being stabbed, one use of the word ‘Fuck’, and an adult horror-romantic movie with people you know that can handle that type of thing, Crimson Peak is that movie for you.

Crimson Peak receives 3.5/5 Matt Damon heads.


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Movie Review



I originally watched this film in an absolutely packed house with only a few moments from one of the trailers remaining in the ol’ noggin. Following my watch, I posted my review on Letterboxd and I would say my feelings.. Still pretty much the same.

Alright, alright. We’ve read all the comments of “OMG FURY ROAD WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!” & “OMG FURY ROAD IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE CREDIBLE FANTASICAL FILM TO EVER BEEN CREATED” and you want to know what I think of all this damn praise, friend? … It is completely well deserved.

I have no idea how half of these scenes were executed but bra-effing-vo to George Miller et al on this sheer magnetic force of a picture. Immortan Joe is a terrifying yet powerful creature and every secondary character managed to serve the story rather than hinder it. And that soundtrack.. That booming soundtrack managed to shake every morsel of my being.

If you are looking for an action movie with complex characters, insane stunts, pure adrenaline running through your beautiful little veins, and a semi-love interest angle that simply doesn’t suck.. Take whatever day you want off work and treat yourself to something that will be pure love making for your eyes.

Oh, what a film. What a lovely film. And it remains one of my favourites of the last decade.. Let alone this year!

Mad Max: Fury Road receives a coveted 5/5 Matt Damon heads.


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