The Conjuring (2013) Movie Review

the conjuring

I recently rewatched this film, having originally seen it during its theatrical run and was curious to see if it held up to how much I remember loving it… Let me tell you, The Conjuring is a fantastic piece of motion pictureness and it exceeded what I remember.

I truly believed the love this family had for each other and could tell these people have had their fair share of hardships they had to overcome. Surprisingly, the child acting was rather pleasant and not annoying, an issue that seems to plague many horror films or film in general. Ron Livingston had a good portrayal of a hard-working father & husband, however there were a few times where I thought he could’ve improved a little bit. [SPOILER] dude, your wife/mother of your 5 children is potentially going to violently murder your child.. Would it kill you to put a little umph in your pleads??

His ’70s-era hair impaired his emotion, I get it

The pairing of Patrick Wilson/Vera Farmiga was brilliant, you could tell these two have been through some shit and they know whether a situation is relevant to their work or simply some shotty pipe work in the attic making noise.

I want to invite them over for dinner and cuddles

James Wan really showcased his directing chops as well, the amount of talent this guy possesses is ridiculous. He manages to create a refreshing take on what could have easily been a by-the-numbers paranormal flick, beautifully direct the 7th installment of a franchise that faced arguably the most difficult situation one could possibly face, and will now helm a superhero movie with Khal Drogo in the water… James, whatever MJ water you’re drinking, keep it up! The Conjuring really is directed beautifully with not too many BOOMWHUPPAH! scenes that make you say DAMN IT in frustration rather than scream in terror; it had just the right amount of tension & build up paired with the occasional jump scare that actually helped to enhance the film rather than hinder it.

If you’re looking for a horror film you may not have seen yet and would like to be feel actual suspense & thrill, watch The Conjuring this Halloween.. If anything, you can swoon over Patrick Wilson’s perfect sideburns. Boy, that man has some amazing sideburns..


The Conjuring receives 4.5/5 Matt Damon heads.


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Movie Review



I originally watched this film in an absolutely packed house with only a few moments from one of the trailers remaining in the ol’ noggin. Following my watch, I posted my review on Letterboxd and I would say my feelings.. Still pretty much the same.

Alright, alright. We’ve read all the comments of “OMG FURY ROAD WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!” & “OMG FURY ROAD IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE CREDIBLE FANTASICAL FILM TO EVER BEEN CREATED” and you want to know what I think of all this damn praise, friend? … It is completely well deserved.

I have no idea how half of these scenes were executed but bra-effing-vo to George Miller et al on this sheer magnetic force of a picture. Immortan Joe is a terrifying yet powerful creature and every secondary character managed to serve the story rather than hinder it. And that soundtrack.. That booming soundtrack managed to shake every morsel of my being.

If you are looking for an action movie with complex characters, insane stunts, pure adrenaline running through your beautiful little veins, and a semi-love interest angle that simply doesn’t suck.. Take whatever day you want off work and treat yourself to something that will be pure love making for your eyes.

Oh, what a film. What a lovely film. And it remains one of my favourites of the last decade.. Let alone this year!

Mad Max: Fury Road receives a coveted 5/5 Matt Damon heads.


knock out street fighter gif perfect

Greetings and Salutations!

If you know what movie my first ever title on this page is from, we can be stranger friends forever < 3

Hello to all and to all, a good night. My name is Ghezal and, as you probably have guessed from the name of this blog, I happen to love movies. All kinds of movies, really:

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You name it… I watch it.

There are a billion and a half movie reviewers and critics on the internet today. What I hope I can accomplish with my reviews and content, or anything really, is putting a smile on my reader’s face and hopefully articulating whether a particular movie is worth their sweet, precious time and dollar dollar bills.

That is my introduction. I hope I didn’t bore you. If I did… well…. sheeeeeit.

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