My very first post really explains the bulk of what I hope to accomplish with this blog. Essentially, if I can make one person somewhat content with reading something I write, I have accomplished my goal.

You know how, when you were a young’un, kids would always be playing outside or actually hanging out with their equally young’un friends? Well.. I’d be indoors with my eyeballs facing 5 whole centimetres away from our TV watching a random Andy Garcia movie at 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday. That is how a random 22 year old knows who Andy Garcia is… From watching The Untouchables when I was 8.

As mentioned, I’m a 22 year old living in the grand old Toronto, Ontario and I spend 90% of my paycheques at the movie theatre & purchasing blu-rays that will probably become obsolete soon rather than buying things I need, like say, food supplies or clothes.

My BA in English proves my calling in life is to spend 2 hours analyzing a 5-worded passage in an obscure novel about blue curtains.

how I feel when I analyze

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