Check out my ‘Wynonna Earp’ Recaps over at The Mutt! (Updates)

Greetings and salutations, you beautiful humans!

It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted on this blubbering mess of a baby I oh so adore. Some quick life updates, after writing for sites like CRAVEOnline and ComingSoon, I decided to take a break from the writing world as some personal issues arose that I couldn’t ignore. I sporadically wrote here and there as an outlet for whenever I needed some stress relieving and if you’ve been following me on Twitter (particularly for the last few months), I’ve been engulfed in the #RenewEverythingSucks campaign that stemmed from Netflix’s premature cancellation of one of its best original shows…

… Still super salty about that but I digress. 


After being fortunate enough to have the time off I needed, I decided it was time to possibly look into gradually becoming an adult at 20-something years old. I’ve recently entered the working world, being hired at my local DMV and damn it, do I love interacting with people who are superbly stressed out on a consistent basis.

tacos gif earp.gif
Wynonna Earp | Space Channel

During my training process which was in a city two+ hours away from me – commuting is an ugly bitch and I sympathize entirely with those that have no other choice but to do it on a daily basis – I needed some form of solace to sink my tired woes into when I’d arrive home dead tired.

All Hail The Earps

I ultimately found out about a show called Wynonna Earp that ticked off every possible box I needed to bring me out of my slump in the form of a sarcastically witty female-led series who sends demonic spirits back to the underworld complete with compelling characters all set in a glorious Canadian backdrop. This thing was basically made for me. 

wynonna earp finger gif.gif
Wynonna Earp | Space Channel

After devouring the first two seasons, I was utterly psyched for its third season. While perusing its subreddit, I came across a thread asking for anyone interested in writing recaps for it for a website dedicated to Canadian film & TV productions called The Mutt. It had been a little while since I had written any long-form pieces, however I knew that Wynonna Earp was a series I wanted to jot my thoughts down on and send off into the wide world of the interwebs. I expressed my interest in potentially joining their team and after talking to their fantastical editor, I was welcomed aboard to write recaps for Season 3 starting with Episode 4, “No Cure For Crazy.”

So this is basically a long-winded way of me saying hello again! If you’re at all interested in reading what I’m working on, check out my recaps for the series over on! I try to come up with clever headers and like to think I could potentially make you chuckle with my words… No promises though.. However if I do make you laugh, please clap let me know.

If not, you can always send me a telepathic message, I will definitely receive those.

featured image source: space channel

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9pm EST on both SYFY and Space Channel, for all you fellow Canucks. It has also been renewed for a fourth season so thank the television Gods for their mercy.

wynonna earp gif1.gif
Wynonna Earp | Space Channel

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