‘IT’ Gets The Anime Treatment As Fan’s Pennywise Artwork Is Transformed Into A Video

No one could have possibly predicted just how successful the recent adaptation of Stephen King’s IT has been. Its continual breaking of box office records doesn’t seem to be slowing down and fans are showing their appreciation for the killer clown by utilizing their talents to freak us all out.

Mike Anderson is one of these talented artists who took his love for Pennywise and created an incredible #anime rendition of one of the film’s most noteworthy scenes.

When Talents Collide

The drawing caught the eye of one creative fan, vocalist KevChelios, who viewed the image and rather than running away in fear, decided the best course of action would be to animate it, of course. The brief clip sees a dubbed Pennywise infamously clutching Georgie’s paper boat and is masterfully executed to resemble a Japanese anime.

It’s truly remarkable how perfect Kev managed to construct the clip using only Mike’s drawing. The flawless edits made and emphatic voice over may cause the viewer to keep rewatching it because it is just that good.

With more than 130,000 retweets, fans clearly want more than the 13 seconds of quality content provided. Hopefully we’ll see a possible collaboration between the two artists in the future or at least another rendition because it is simply too great of a prospect to give up on.

featured image credit: Mike Anderson

What other horror films should be given the anime treatment? Let me know your picks in the comments below!

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