Matthew Perry Reveals The Rejected ‘Friends’ Storyline That Involves A Male Strip Club And Their Sandwiches

There were plenty of outlandish storylines that came out of the famed NBC series Friends throughout its ten-season history. Although the beloved characters endured some unbelievable experiences, there was one specific storyline star Matthew Perry deemed too peculiar for the comedy series.

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While speaking to Andy Cohen on his Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live!, Cohen asked him if there was a particular storyline that made him think “is this really happening?” Perry wasted no time in revealing an intriguing concept involving Chandler frequenting a male strip club. However, the reason for his regular visits were different from what you might expect:

“There was a storyline on Friends where Chandler went to a male strip joint because he really liked the sandwiches. And I called up and said, ‘let’s not do this one.'”

As all Friends fans will know, we’ve never seen this idea executed in the series. Although Chandler may not have been as big of a fan of food as his best friend Joey (Matt LeBlanc), nourishment was typically important for the IT procurement manager – particularly when a cheesecake is involved. It truly would have been hilarious to see Chandler maneuver his way around a male strip club to acquire that unbelievably delicious sandwich. A man’s gotta eat!

The Friends’ Fondness For Food

What’s interesting about this cancelled episode is that it might have joined the long list of food-centered Friends episodes, some of which gave us the show’s funniest moments. There have been a myriad of food-centric moments throughout the series that will make you crack up regardless how many times you watch them. If there is one life lesson we can take away from the ten year stint Friends had on the air, it’s that:

joey food friends gif.gif
‘Friends’ | [Credit: NBC]

Many of the funniest episodes include some type of hijinks that ensue when food is involved. As we’ll never get to see Chandler’s strip club sandwich obsession, here are a few of the best food moments from the series.

“The One Where Ross Got High”: Trifle Time

Rachel creates a trifle to end all trifles. Her unique version of the dessert is created when her cookbook featured missing pages, which ultimately led to a half-trifle, half-shepherd’s pie monstrosity.

Rachel’s excited explanation of her “traditional English” dessert is the cherry on top of this hilarious Friends moment:

“First there’s a layer of ladyfingers, then a layer of jam, then custard, which I made from scratch, then raspberries, more ladyfingers, then beef sauteed with peas and onions, then a little more custard, and then bananas, and then I just put some whipped cream on top.”

“The One With Ross’s Sandwich”: “… MY SANDWICH?!”

my sandwich gif.gif
[Credit: NBC]
Never come between a friend and their sandwich.

When Ross dejectedly enters the Central Perk and announces that someone ate his delectable ‘moist maker’ sandwich at work, I’m certain many audience members could relate to such a blatant expression of betrayal. The extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle is what gives the Moist Maker its name, and witnessing his reaction to his coworker who not only ate the sandwich but also threw it away is hilarious.

As time goes by, more and more curious minds attempt to create the moist maker every Thanksgiving. Buzzfeed and the brilliant YouTube cooking channel Binging With Babish are just a few examples of cookery shows that have stepped up to the challenge. However, thoughts on the actual tastiness of these sandwiches have been rather mixed.

“The One Where Joey Speaks French”: Joey Drinks A Gallon Of Milk In 10 Seconds

Phoebe wants to help Joey by removing all the lies featured in his acting résumé, which includes horseback riding, tap dancing and archery. From the long list of fibs, a specific claim pops up that involves drinking a gallon of milk in 10 seconds.

The brief end credits moment shows some fantastic physical comedy from Matt LeBlanc, as he manages to down the entire gallon. It is brilliantly disgusting to watch, and Phoebe’s jubilation at the end should emulate everyone’s reaction.

Clearly, the friends were not afraid to get down and dirty with their favorite foods. Seeing how much they adored a certain dessert or Thanksgiving special is something virtually everyone can relate to, which is most likely why these gags worked. Whether the episode featuring Chandler’s strip club specials would have gone down in Friends history as an awesome food moment or a throwaway idea is a prospect only the TV Gods know.

Would you have wanted to see “The One Where Chandler Loves Strip Club Sandwiches”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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