The Boss Baby (2017): A Prime Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Judge A Baby By Its Pacifier (Review)

‘The Boss Baby’ | Credit: 20th Century Fox



The Boss Baby follows the perils of a wildly imaginative seven (and a half)-year-old named Tim who comes face-to-face with his mortal enemy, a baby brother… But oh ho, this is no ordinary baby! The film stars the voice talents of Alec Baldwin, Miles Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow and Tobey Maguire and is directed by Hendel Butoy and Tom McGrath.

My Thoughts On The Characters And Story

I had virtually no expectations coming into this film. When it comes to “kids” movies I’ve always held them to the same regard as any other film because regardless what the film is about, it should always strive to be the best version of whatever it is about.

So when I saw the trailer for an animated flick of a cute kid whose baby brother magically appears wearing a suit with the voice of Alec Baldwin, I prayed to the everloving Gods that it veer toward something like a Shaun The Sheep than a Nine Lives… I am eternally grateful that it was actually an enjoyable watch that had me genuinely laughing aloud a few times.

the boss baby gif.gif
‘The Boss Baby’ | Credit: 20th Century Fox


The relationship between Tim and the Boss Baby (the baby’s name is literally “The Baby”) is developed well and the various hijinks that ensue with them was great. The neighbourhood babies who plague communities with their pooping and crying are fun to watch and I liked watching the BB lead them. Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow portray the parents and they’re kind of just there, there was a startling lack of adult supervision throughout that had me wondering why they think it’s appropriate for one lone seven year old to have to handle all these little monsters so they can swing with the other parents. I truly found myself enjoying the film whenever the Baby named Boss was on screen because he was given some brilliant lines and Baldwin’s execution was fantastic. The film included humour that appealed to the adults in the crowd so I appreciated that aspect of it; I mean there were some serious bum-undertones I could have done without but I guess when you have a baby (especially one who is the Boss), bums are abundant (I am loving writing this).

The logistical components of the film is where it becomes kind of a slog because, as a full grown adult, there were moments where I found myself asking “what the hell is going on?” Tim has an incredibly overactive imagination and there were some serious blurred lines between what was reality and what was his imaginativerse. Steve Buscemi is also in the film and is included in the blurred reality issue because of his convoluted plan involving rockets & kittens and not to mention, there is no true time period or setting established in the film so there are all kinds of TSA issues that arise during a certain sequence of the film that had to have it set pre-2001. Buscemi’s character, however, was given a brilliant backstory that was fleshed out pretty well, if the execution of his ultimate plan was equally as brilliant as his character The Boss Baby would have easily been an A in my book.

How Were The Other Aspects To ‘The Boss Baby’?

The animation of The Boss Baby is absolutely gorgeous looking. The babies were all adorable looking and the execution of Tim’s imaginary world (when it was well established) was also great looking. Oh man, there was a running gag involving Mr. Baby (literally) throwing money and it CRACKED ME UP. I have no idea why I loved it so much but I did, great going for the guy that thought that gag up.

the boss baby title credits gif.gif
‘The Boss Baby’ | Credit: 20th Century Fox

If you’re looking for an animated film to watch with both adults and children in the room that makes you laugh and think “what tf am I actually watching right now?” check out The Boss Baby.

The Boss Baby receives 3.5/5 Matt Damon heads.



  1. interesting review!! when I first saw the trailer of this movie I honestly thought it was pretty bad, like something I wouldn’t pay to watch but some people told me it’s actually pretty good! I might watch it after all

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