‘Daria’ 20 Years Later: Co-Creator Reimagines What The Cast Would Look Like Today And They Are Looking Good

In today’s “feeling old” segment, we revisit one of our favorite animated series that featured hysterical, smarmy and intelligent characters that defined a generation. During the 1990s, MTV thrived with its programming, particularly its various animated shows that included Aeon Flux, Beavis And Butthead and a character that spun off from that intellectual series, Daria.

The worldly observations made by sarcastic and remarkably witty teenager Daria Morgendorffer aired on MTV for five seasons, and although it has been more than 20 years since its original airdate, according to co-creator of the series, Susie Lewis:

“A lot of the issues and feelings you have in high school are timeless.”

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‘Daria’ [Credit: Paramount Television]

Lewis and character designer Karen Disher debuted a set of drawings for Entertainment Weekly, imagining the characters from the iconic ’90s TV animation as they would be today. The drawings are spot-on, and although it is heartbreaking to realize Trent is no longer a part of Mystik Spiral, I think we will somehow find a way to move on.

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“The sardonic teen has left the suburbs of Lawndale for New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen (naturally), where she’s grown up to become the only female writer on a late-night talk show. She lives alone — except for her black cat named Godzilla, who is toilet-trained, thanks to Daria’s hard work and dedication — and while she’s tried the online dating game, she hasn’t found anyone special quite yet. Oh, and in case you were wondering, she’s gotten past her crush on Trent.”

I know I’m not the only one who is unsurprised at the revelation that Daria’s cat is toilet-trained. Though, learning she is officially over Trent hurts me just a little bit, I can’t lie. I wanted them to have talented, sardonic babies.

Jane Lane

“Daria’s closest friend and confidante never gave up on her ambitions: She’s a professional artist who’s sold a few pieces, though she still hasn’t “made it big.” She lives in a loft in SoHo with her husband who’s an archaeologist and rarely home, so luckily the besties get to spend tons of time together. They enjoy going to art shows and film events where you’re supposed to socialize, but — surprise! — they only talk to each other.”

An older Jane manages to rock a skunk-inspired haircut and she and Daria still keep in touch — this is all I needed to know. I am elated that she found a busy archaeologist to settle down with because that means more time for the two to hang out and judge their surroundings.

Quinn Morgendorffer

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“The younger sister of Daria has consciously uncoupled from her college sweetheart and dropped her last name. (Rumor has it that once Quinn realized his athletic abilities weren’t going to cut it professionally, she was done.) Quinn has triplet sons — Timmy, Tommy and Teddy — and she still lives in Lawndale. In between caring for her boys and her hair extensions, she’s hard at work on her popular YouTube channel dedicated to dessert and skin care called “S’mores and Pores.”

Of course Quinn would be the one to pull out the “conscious uncoupling” card. Damn it, you consciously uncouple with whoever you want, Quinn! Her dessert and skin care channel has an incredibly witty name, so much so that I’m sure big sister Daria helped pick it out/she probably named it all by herself.

Trent Lane

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“While his Mystik Spiral days are over, Trent has found, well, not success exactly, but… a functioning band in Trent Lane and the Mystikal Explosion. He lives with his four bandmates in Queens. Trent had some financial success with Mystik Spiral’s one-hit wonder, ‘Freakin’ Friends,’ but since then has been making ends meet as a bartender. He and Jane still spend a lot of time together, and Daria often joins in. (See? It’s not weird anymore, guys.)”

Although the Mystik Spiral days are no more, Trent’s salt and pepper ‘do is certainly working out for him. I’m sure he makes a bunch of tips during his bartending sessions and uses the “I had a one-hit wonder” when he is looking for some female companionship. In case you forgot about their classic one-hit wonder, you’re welcome:

Brittany And Kevin Thompson

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“The head cheerleader and quarterback of Lawndale High are married and have three girls and two boys. Brittany is the weathergirl at the local news station and moonlights as part-time cheerleading coach at Lawndale High. Kevin is a stay-at-home dad who dabbles in children’s birthday-party entertainment. While he can’t quite squeeze into his belly-baring uniform anymore, you better believe Brittany’s cheerleading uniform fits her like a glove — and she wears it every Halloween.”

Twenty years later and Lawndale’s power couple is still going strong! No one would be surprised that Kevin doesn’t fit into his belly-baring uniform anymore; however, I have no idea how Brittany’s hair has managed to somehow grow fuller compared to her teenage years.

Jake And Helen Morgendorffer

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“Daria and Quinn’s parents are living it up as retirees. Every time Daria speaks to them, they’re venturing out on yet another cruise, but whenever they’re back in Lawndale, they’re breaking a sweat in their weekly dance class.”

Speaking of a couple going strong, it’s nice to see the Morgandorffers’ fanny pack game is as strong as they are!

… And The Whole Gang!

Will We Ever See ‘Daria’ Return?

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[Credit: Paramount Television]

Unfortunately, there is still no official word on whether we will see a return of Daria. Though she wouldn’t want to dwell on the past, I need to know whatever I possibly can about a potential return. When asked about a return to Lawndale, Lewis stated:

“It had been a long time since I watched the show, but this brought back such great memories and reminded me of how much fun it was to create ‘Daria.'”

She didn’t say yes but I don’t see a “no” anywhere, so that is what I’m sticking with because I’m a hopeless Daria romantic. For anyone looking to reasonably satisfy the Daria bug, CollegeHumor released a live-action trailer for the property a few years ago featuring Aubrey Plaza in the title role. Excuse me while I watch various YouTube clips of the series for the rest of the day.


Are you itching for a Daria return? Where do you think the characters are 20 years later? Let me know in the comments below!

(Source: Collider, EW)

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