This Side-By-Side Comparison Proves Natalie Portman Absolutely Nailed Her Performance In ‘Jackie’

Natalie Portman is one of the best actresses working in Hollywood today and this year’s Jackie further solidifies that idea. The Academy Award winner took on the monstrous role of Jackie Kennedy, a respected and highly known public figure, in Pablo Larraín‘s Jackie this year, which earned her a third Oscar nomination. Portman has previously been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for 2005’s Closer and won Best Actress for 2010’s Black Swan.

See her Best Actress acceptance at the 83rd Academy Awards below:

It is no surprise that the ridiculously talented Harvard grad chose such an intimidating role to sink her teeth into. Although Kennedy’s every single movement was documented throughout her public life, Portman managed to master the intricacies of the First Lady to an absolute tee.

Jim Casey uploaded a side-by-side comparison of Jackie Kennedy’s White House Tour in 1962 with Pablo Larrain’s 2016 film, illustrating just how brilliant of a performance Portman gives.

Check Out The Comparison Below:

February 14th 1962: The Day First Lady Kennedy Opened The Doors Of The White House To The Public

One year prior to the assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy, the TV special A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy aired on Valentine’s Day on CBS and NBC. The filmed tour was the first glimpse the American public had of the $2 million restoration of the White House that Kennedy had helped direct in the first year of her husband’s presidency.

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Natalie Portman’s Excellence Is Showcased

Besides the film having an essentially shot-for-shot sequence similar to the original 1962 special, Portman’s ability to exude everything that was the First Lady is nothing short of remarkable. Besides the dialogue similarities, her mannerisms as Kennedy manage to leave the viewer in awe of just how much of an understanding she had for her.

… Not to mention her phenomenal grasp of Jackie Kennedy’s trademark voice.

jackie movie natalie portman gif.gif
‘Jackie’ | Fox Searchlight Pictures

Portman Reveals Feeling Terrified To Portray Jackie Kennedy

It is easy to look at her performance and think because she is an A-list talent with years of experience under her belt that tackling on this real-life portrayal would be a walk in park. The truth is rather far from it. In an interview with Matt Lauer, Portman discusses the initial hesitations she felt delving into Kennedy’s world and particularly, the difficulty to nail down her logistics. When asked how it felt to portray one of the most iconic women in American history, Portman reveals:

“I was terrified because everyone knows what she looks like, particularly, and what she sounded like.”

She mentions the process of working with a dialect coach, perfecting the voice and reading “as much as [she] could find” on Kennedy.

“I Rather Love This Hall”

When asked about whether there was a specific sentence that helped her with the trademark voice, Portman humorously brings up Kennedy’s line during the White House tour where she stated, “I rather love this hawll.” As she accurately describes it, “rather” sounded pleasantly British and “hall” sounded “super Long Island.”

(Sources: YT, CBS News)

What is your favourite Natalie Portman performance?

‘Saturday Night Live’ | NBC




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