Check Out These 13 Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Images From Your Favorite Movies

Nothing can shake your confidence more than seeing photos taken behind the scenes of iconic movies. The shark from Jaws, for example, genuinely terrorized me for years until I saw a picture with director Steven Spielberg just chilling in the mouth of one of the mechanical sharks used in the film (see photo below). While certain revelations have the ability to freak you out, other images can slap a huge smile on your face because of how entertaining it is seeing an actor in costume simply hanging out on set.

Filmartbox posts fantastic behind-the-scenes photos on their Twitter and Instagram of some classic films, including Beetlejuice, The Shining and Kill Bill. Here are just a few of my favorites!

1. Steven Spielberg Just Chilling In The Mouth Of A Beast On The Set Of ‘Jaws’

No matter how many times you tell me this shark is not real, there will always be a tiny part in me that will scream out “GET OUT OF THERE, STEVEN! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN CHRISTINE?!”

2. Director Stanley Kubrick With Joe Turkel And Jack Nicholson On The Set Of ‘The Shining’

There is just something unsettling in seeing both Turkel and Kubrick staring at Nicholson while Nicholson glares at us…

3. Uma Thurman Taking A Breather With Her Stunt Double, Zoë Bell, During ‘Kill Bill’

Seeing actors with their stunt doubles is a lovely thing. Here we see Bell and Thurman both rocking those iconic yellow pants on set of Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

4. Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway And Matthew McConaughey Rocking Matching Turtlenecks For ‘Interstellar’

I love everything about this image — the moon, those phenomenal actors, the tactlenecks (as Sterling Archer would refer to them). If you told me these three were a folk band, I would buy their album.

5. The Cast Of ‘Beetlejuice’ Doing Whatever They’re Doing

Look at how much fun these guys are having! There are poses, silly faces, and whatever Geena Davis is doing. Plus, Alec Baldwin being his handsome 1988 self. I also want Winona Ryder‘s piercing red dress, please.

6. Young Natalie Portman Posing With Jean Reno For ‘Léon: The Professional’

Nothing says “bonding” quite like posing with your best pal while holding a firearm. These two look unbelievably bad ass together and the film is somehow greater than this image.

7. Christopher Nolan Directing Heath Ledger On Set Of ‘The Dark Knight’

The sequence in the 2008 modern classic The Dark Knight, wherein the Joker and crew are wearing clown masks while robbing a bank is genuinely terrifying. Seeing Nolan direct Ledger wearing that mask makes it relatively less terrifying, albeit still pretty terrifying.

8. Jon Cryer And Molly Ringwald Getting Ready For ‘Pretty In Pink’

This image just screams ’80s with Molly Ringwald delicately putting on her lip gloss while Cryer (as Duckie Dale) waits patiently and rocks that iconic hair.

9. Tobey Maguire And Leonardo DiCaprio Reading The Script For ‘The Great Gatsby’

Best friends forever, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio, worked together on the big screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby and this image proves how close they truly are — in both friendship and spatial vicinity.

10. Vivien Leigh And Marlon Brando’s Wardrobe Tests For ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

How awesome is this image? Marlon Brando in his prime looks good in absolutely everything and I hope the person responsible for writing on the board eventually learned which vowel belongs in “Vivien Leigh.”

11. Rooney Mara Posing As Her ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Character,’ Lisbeth Salander

Rooney Mara is ridiculously haunting as Salander in the 2011 David Fincher adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This image solidified that idea with Mara rocking some bloodied up brass knuckles.

12. Wes Bentley, Thora Birch And Mena Suvari’s Sweet Selfie For ‘American Beauty’

Just look at how adorable they are. They do look somewhat sinister but adorable nonetheless. These three fresh-faced kids starred in the 1999 drama American Beauty, and if you slap on a filter, this image could easily be a campaign for American Eagle.

13. Anthony Perkins Posing With A Stuffed Bird For ‘Psycho’

Anthony Perkins’s performance in Psycho is essentially flawless. His portrayal of Norman Bates goes down in history as one of the greats. One of the freakiest aspects of the film was Norman’s taxidermy skills. Perkins’ glance pierces through the image to your very soul and the looming stuffed bird above him is a beautiful recipe for horror.

Which Of The Above Images Were Your Favourite?

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