Milestone Monday: A Hundred Cheers For 100 Followers!

So I am in a bit of disbelief at the news that I have officially amassed 100 followers on this here ghezalplusmovies!

100 follwers.jpg

I have no idea how or why people like (or hey, even dislike!) reading my silly thoughts on certain things and whatever else I post on here, but from the bottom of my Grinchian heart I say thank you to you beautiful humans that enjoy even a little bit of what I do on here.

grinch smile cartoon santa hat gif.gif

It is unbelievably amazing to think I am able to discuss what I love with thousands of others who share the same opinion as me or those who are entirely on the opposite side of the enjoyable spectrum. There really is no better feeling than going into a movie theatre, disgustingly slobbery popcorn and sugary drink in hand(s) and being enthralled by what is on-screen for two or more hours. Certain films manage to evoke such emotion, others may evoke a different sort of emotion that rhymes with “banger” but sheeit, even those ones are ridiculously enjoyable to discuss with others.

movie theatre gif scary movie.gif

As I stated from my very first ever post venturing into this new territory, if I manage to make at least one person smile or feel some sense of enjoyment with my content, my job is done.

Thank you to all of my followers, I truly appreciate you being the human you are. I look forward to continuing on with this lovely madness and cannot wait to take you all along with me!


Well. That’s all I got to say about that… Thanks again!




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