The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

the wizard of oz cinemagraph.gif

Cowardly Lion: All right, I’ll go in there for Dorothy. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch, guards or no guards, I’ll tear them apart. I may not come out alive, but I’m going in there. There’s only one thing I want you fellows to do.
Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow: What’s that?
Cowardly Lion: Talk me out of it!

Starring: The Queen Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale, Ray Bolger as Scarecrow/Hunk, Jack Haley as The Tin Man/Hickory, Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion/Zeke, Margaret Hamilton as Miss Literally-Worse-Than-Hitler Gulch, Billie Burke as Glinda and Frank as The Wizard of Oz, dirs. Victor Fleming, Mervyn LeRoy, George Cukor, King Vidor, Norman Taurog.

cinemagraph source: orbo

Can We Please Talk About How Remarkable That Sequence Is When Dorothy First Steps Into The Land Of Oz?

I have seen The Wizard Of Oz maybe about… 120 times in my lifetime? We had the VHS then graduated to the DVD when I was younger and I would do the thing young kids do when, after the movie is over, they rewind it/start it all over again. And they repeat it for like, the whole day. I don’t know why I did that but kids ain’t got shit to do so let them watch repeat viewings of Oz, damn it! (This movie… Not the HBO series…)

Anyway, no matter how many times I view it or think about it, the sequence when Dorothy first opens that door and wanders into the land of Oz is one of my favourite sequences in all of film history. Besides Judy Garland‘s amazing ability to rock absolutely anything, even wandering around, that moment when Dorothy opens the door and leaves the sepia-tinted colour of the world we have seen her in to venture into the technicolor world of the unknown gives me goosebumps every single time. She has finally reached someplace over the rainbow.

Of course, the sequence would not be complete with the uttering of one of the most famous lines in the history of ever:

“Toto… I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…”

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