Remembering Hollywood Legend, Debbie Reynolds (1932-2016)

I… Am genuinely at a loss of words right now. One day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, the iconic Debbie Reynolds has passed away following a stroke when accordingly her and her son were discussing funeral plans for Fisher.

My Experience With Witnessing Debbie Reynolds’ Greatness On Screen

I first saw the work of the infallible Debbie Reynolds as everyone’s favourite witch, Grandma Aggie Cromwell, in the 1998 Disney Channel classic, Halloweentown. I was a wide-eyed youngster during my initial watch of the film and I loved the warmth and charisma Reynolds brought to the role. She reminded me of the relationship I had with my grandma, excluding the brooms and cauldrons, who was my best friend until she passed in 2010. She portrayed the loving grandmother who always sided with her grandchildren flawlessly and as a six year old, I had no idea how insanely talented this woman was.

‘Halloweentown’ | Disney

Will And Grace used to show a ridiculous amount of reruns on the weekends and, me being a young teen who had absolutely no responsibilities during the weekend, slumped on the couch during those Saturday mornings to tune in to the show. During one of the episodes, young Grace (Debra Messing) introduces young Will (Eric McCormack) to her mother…

As portrayed by…

Grandma Aggie?! There is one specific moment in that series that stands out to me and that is Debbie Reynolds fucking shredding on the dance floor to a quick performance of “Gloria.” I used to and always will watch this quick clip when I need a pick me up because it is 17 seconds of sheer brilliance:

As I grew up and slowly wanted to expand my knowledge of film, I learned that a twenty year old Reynolds starred with the man, myth and legend, Gene Kelly in a revered musical called Singin’ In The Rain, my personal favourite musical of all-time presently but I had never watched it prior to. When I first watched the film, I not only had an insane crush on Kelly develop, my lady crush on Reynolds grew three sizes that day.

‘Singin’ In The Rain’ | MGM

I went on to learn just how insanely arduous shooting that film was. The “Good Morning” sequence apparently took from 8am-11pm to shoot and, according to Reynolds herself:

“Singin’ in the Rain and childbirth were the two hardest things I ever had to do in my life”

You would never realize that Reynolds’ feet eventually began to bleed during that shoot!

The talent Debbie Reynolds had was limited to only her acting capability and just that one sequence proves it. I am deeply saddened she is not with us on this Earth anymore, however I am ecstatic that she has left such an incredible legacy that we can cherish for generations to come.

Thank you Debbie…

Halloween will certainly be much more of an emotional experience in the coming years.

I leave you with this awesome Craig Ferguson interview with Debbie Reynolds from 2013:

Sheeeeeeit, man… 2016 has been a cruel mistress, hasn’t it?

featured image source: Vulture


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