Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back (1980) & Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi (1983) / rip. Carrie Fisher


Episode V & VI | Lucasfilm
Leia: “You know, no matter how much we fought, I always hated watching you leave.”

Carrie Fisher (1956 – 2016)

I, like many of those reading this, am in shock at the loss of Carrie Fisher at the age of 60. Fisher appeared in a myriad of film and television, starring in such hits as The Blues Brothers and When Harry Met Sally, yet for many, she will forever be remembered for her role as the Princess so many could finally look up to in the Star Wars franchise. I never felt such a connection to the typical princesses depicted on screen in my youth until Princess Leia Organa came into my life with that cinnamon bun-shaped hair and bad ass attitude.


Only she could ever pull off referring to someone as a “half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf Herder” because what the hell is a Nerf Herder?


Fisher dealt with an immense amount of demons in her life and overcame struggles I could never even fathom. Besides her incredible acting career, she was one of the most sought after script doctors in the business, fixing such popular scripts as Hook (1991), Sister Act (1992) and The Wedding Singer (1998).

Her mother, the iconic Debbie Reynolds, lost a child today and her short and sweet Facebook post states the thoughts and prayers are now guiding her “to the next stop”:

Debbie Reynolds Facebook

Thank you Carrie.

Drowning in the moonlight, strangled by your own bra…
What a way to go 😉

My Favourite Interview With Her And Beloved Dog, Gary:


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