The Girl On The Train (2016) Movie Review


The Girl on The Train, quite possibly the most beautiful & fantastically acted Lifetime movie I’ve ever seen.

The Basic Premise

Based on the crazily popular novel of the same name, The Girl on the Train tells the story of unreliable alcoholic Rachel, brilliantly portrayed by Emily Blunt, as she becomes a suspect in the disappearance of Megan (Haley Bennett), a woman Rachel desperately adores because she built up a story in her head about her while traveling on the train.

My Thoughts On The Characters And Story

Now I will say, there was a moment or two in this movie where I was completely locked in and wanted to see what would occur following these moments, which is mostly due to the incredible performances by the main group of the film, with Blunt & Haley Bennett/Jennifer Lawrence‘s long lost sister being the standouts. Their performances were fantastic and Blunt’s drunken state acting was SUPERB! I truly believe our future Mary Poppins can do no wrong and again, she is fantastic as Rachel, it’s just a shame she wasn’t given dialogue that was great as her performance. Rebecca Ferguson (aka my favourite part of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation), Luke Evans Justin Theroux gave pretty great performances as well, I loved Theroux’s range of emotion he was able to express with his character because he had a couple scenes that showcased his talent at being angry. I also loved the scenes between Bennett’s character Megan and Edgar Ramirez’s Dr. Abdic. Their chemistry was present and it was pretty intriguing  to watch.

As I mentioned before, if these guys were given a script with dialogue that matched their performances, this would easily be a mystery thriller that rivalled Fincher’s Gone Girl. Unfortunately there are a bunch of clichés riddled throughout the movie that took me out of it and immediately reminded me of those movies on Wednesday night a group of Suburban moms watch with a box of wine and an array of chocolates.

live footage of myself on Wednesday nights

How Were The Other Aspects Of The Film?

I did like the colour palette used since it felt nice and bright for certain sequences then dark & grey the next… The symbolism and all was not lost on me, trust me. There are also certain shots that were framed nicely however there were a few instances of weird slow-mo used that felt hysterically out of place. It’s like they would do a close up on Emily Blunt’s face prior to a big revelation occurring then it suddenly… slows… down… And I’m like, “why did you choose to utilize this technique, Tate Taylor? This doesn’t add anything to anything!”

The movie is paced relatively well, however the few moments that slowed down the picture really grinded it to a halt (my one Train reference and I promise that’s all) which caused it to feel a smidgen longer than its runtime of an hour and 53 minutes. They crammed an incredible amount of shit into the film during its final moments and, as someone who read the book way back when, it stays very true to the novel.


If you’re a fan of film adaptations that follow its source material to a tee and are looking for a thriller to rent or watch on Netflix on a rainy Saturday night, check out The Girl With The Train Tattoo Based On The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire.

The Girl On The Train receives 3/5 Matt Damon heads.


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