Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Watching ‘Saved By The Bell’

saved by the bell that jerk is my father malibu sands

The sitcom that first aired in 1989 and went on for a whopping three years until 1992 continues to bring me mindless enjoyment and happiness even though I have seen every single episode roughly 496 times. Each.

Of course I made sure to be in tune with the lore of Saved By The Bell by watching its (I guess) prequel Good Morning, Miss Bliss… Which was set in Indianapolis and had four recurring characters that appear in SBTB…

miss bliss zach gif
Nobody liked Nikki & Mikey anyway

Or the coveted College Years where Kelly dated a handsome professor of a university.

kelly and professor lasky saved by the bell
fucking Lasky

But there is a special place in my heart that is reserved solely for the gloriousness that is Saved By The Bell. Here are a couple lessons the series left my impressionable self and if you’ve never seen an episode, watch its opening theme and tell me you’re not the least bit curious as to what the hell all these colours and stripes are for.

1. True Friends will join you in Impromptu Dance-Offs at their girlfriend’s house.

saved by the bell dance barbara ann gif

2. The ONLY way to spend Cut-Day is by dancing on the beach…

saved by the bell kelly slater dance beach gif

3. Or protesting the environmental dangers of Polystyrene Foam Cups.

saved by the bell cup protest cut day image

4. Caffeine helps in studying for any Geometry Tests.

jessie saved by the bell coffee SAT gif.gif

5. And/or rocking that bod for your successful girl group where the shorter the leotard, the better.

6. In case you forgot, Buddy Bands…


7. Teenagers love listening to Michael Bolton’s ‘How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?’ at high school costume parties. (#FuckJeff)

8. If you are faced with life-threatening knee surgery, pretend to be a doctor so you can get out of there ASAP.

saved by the bell zack doctor gif

9. The love between a boy and his pet lizard is undeniable.

saved by the bell slater arnie lizard gif.gif

10. And lest we forget the greatest lesson ever gifted to us from this show: I’m So Excited…

s/o to beamly for their terrific beat-by-beat explanation of the Jessie Pill Freakout

and remember Tori?

sbtb tori

She was cool

saved by the bell tori gif slater

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