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Month: September 2016

1960s 0

Peeping Tom (1960)

Vivian: What would frighten me to death? Set the mood for me, Mark. Mark Lewis: Imagine… someone coming towards you… who wants to kill you… regardless of the consequences. Vivian: […]

1980s 2

TRON (1982)

Sark: There’s nothing special about you. You’re just an ordinary program. Kevin Flynn: So are you, one that should have been erased. Starring:¬†Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn/Clu, Cindy Morgan as […]

2010s 3

Thor (2011)

Odin: Thor Odinson… you have betrayed the express command of your king. Through your arrogance and stupidity, you’ve opened these peaceful realms and innocent lives to the horror and desolation […]