Sausage Party (2016) Movie Review


As someone who works at a grocery store once a week, I cannot wait to go back after seeing this movie…

Sausage Party is an R-rated animated Seth Rogen joint (heh sorry) directed by Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan and tells the story of Frank the Sausage (voiced by Rogen) learning the truth of what occurs to all happy-go-lucky grocery store items when they leave the comfort of their supermarket home and go to the Great Beyond, ie. a human being’s home. Now I will admit, I laughed way more than I expected… Mostly because I was just wondering what the everliving fuck my eyes were witnessing. If you’re looking for some type of subtlety in this comedic romp, you’ve come to the wrong place. They really pound the idea of the ridiculousness of the Great Beyond into the heads of the audience, and that believing in such a thing is silly and wrong. Regardless, I did appreciate that there was some type of substance in this animated movie that SPOILER has a climatic food orgy scene END SPOILER. 

The various food characters were actually fleshed out pretty well and they all have distinct personalities, despite them being walking stereotypes of their real-life counterparts; the Curry Paste hilariously had exaggerated Indian accents and the Salsas were considered illegals. MAKE GROCERY STORES GREAT AGAIN! I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Frank & Brenda (voiced by Kristen Wiig) and believed these star-crossed lovers had a history together. There were a ton of secondary characters that were voiced by an array of actors, including Jonah Hill and Sausage George Michael Michael Cera— both voices I immediately recognized, Salma Hayek as a feisty taco, Craig RobinsonPaul RuddBill Hader and Edward Norton played a relatively important role that I didn’t even realize was him until the end credits! There is a Douche character voiced by Nick Kroll that I wasn’t really a fan of toward the beginning, however as the movie progressed I enjoyed him more and more and thought he was a brilliant antagonist. There were MANY moments that had me cracking up, particularly watching the dynamic between various household items and loving how each respective character’s abilities were utilized during an intense climax.

sausage potato.gif
breakout performance

There were about three or four secondary subplots occurring during the main plot and scenes did flow relatively well together, although there were a couple scenes that dragged on a bit.. Honestly, the animation alone is worth the price of admission. Guys, this is a beautiful looking movie. It sounds ridiculous but I was in awe of what I was watching because it was just so enthralling! I only wish they ventured out to more locations because I wanted to see everything through the lens of this animation. Many cite the overuse of profanity as an issue, however for me personally it wasn’t all that bad. Maybe it’s because I have the mouth of a drunk sailor attending a Tupac concert but I quite enjoyed seeing these items communicate with each other in a way the universe deemed as an everyday interaction. There were also a few references to some of my all-time favourite movies, including Terminator 2 (1991) and In The Heat of the Night (1967), that I thoroughly appreciated.


If you’re looking for a fun and hilariously inappropriate movie to watch with a bunch of your friends while stone-cold sober or marginally inebriated, check out Sausage Party. You’re guaranteed a couple of laughs, how do I know this? I don’t drink and was sober as a nun while watching and I laughed throughout it. Take that as you will…

Would it have been nice with a few of everyone’s favourites brownies (ie. marijuana)?
Maybe not.
Maybe fuck yourself.

Sausage Party receives 4/5 Matt Damon heads.


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  1. Hilarious review, I can’t wait to see this! We have to wait until October to get it though :/. Do you ever share your reviews on any film sites? And if not, would you be interested in having your work published on Moviepilot?

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