Finding Dory (2016) Movie Review


At its core, Finding Dory is basically Disney/Pixar’s version of Memento. 

I may be one of five other people on the planet who has no recollection of Finding Dory’s predecessor, Finding Nemo, since I saw it only once in third or fourth grade more than a decade ago. So really, I had no expectations going into it save for the already predetermined expectations I have with any Disney/Pixar combination. The result was an enjoyable watch both older individuals and young’uns will appreciate.

Finding Dory takes the audience on a journey as we rejoin the regal blue tang memory loss-ridden fish, Dory, as she attempts to find her family she lost years ago. With it being a sequel releasing 13 years since Nemo, there are a few cameos from its predecessor that appeared to the delight of the audience that surrounded me at the theatre.

Becky teaming up with this guy would be my vote for a third movie

There are a ton of memorable secondary characters in this movie that made me crack up way more than I anticipated. One of them being Becky With the Red Eye. Idris Elba AKA the World’s Most Perfect Man and Dominic West AKA JIMMY F’ING McNULTY lend their beautiful voice talents to a pair of sea lions who may appear to be lazy creatures that just lie around their rock all day, but oh there is so much more to them. I could tell. They would do terrific on The Wire. 

dory gif

The key player to this is obviously Ellen DeGeneres‘ Dory and she does a terrific job portraying both the frustration her character experiences but also the immense joy and wonderment she exudes as well. Again, the secondary characters such as Bailey, voiced by Ty Burrell, Hank (Ed O’Neill) and Destiny (Kaitlin Olson) are fantastic in this movie and as mentioned, there was a little loon named Becky that stole my heart.

Finding Dory’s animation is also beautiful, the vastness of the ocean and its minor features are a joy for the eyes to see, although there weren’t any specific moments that made my jaw drop from how alluring the animation was. I adore the ocean, however and appreciate any work that delves into that captivating world… Except the Jaws that had Michael Caine in it. That wasn’t very good.


I appreciate the message Finding Dory attempted to convey with learning to not allow one’s disabilities to hinder themselves and I think they did a wonderful job with it, however, and this honestly is just the grumpy old man I have in me, the message was beat over your head… Multiple times… And then once more just for clarity.
Honestly though, for the people that run out to buy animals and hold them in captivity after watching a movie such as this or Nemo, when that is literally the #1 thing respectively both movies are saying DON’T DO, YOU DINGBATS, you wonder a bit where the brains are of those Can-I-Speak-To-Your-Manager individuals.

That is not what Sigourney Weaver would want.

If you’re looking for a fun animated movie with hysterical characters and a message behind it to teach kids not to be jerks, check out Finding Dory.

Finding Dory receives 3.5/5 Matt Damon heads.



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