Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)


Wallace Wells: If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game, Scott.
Break out the L-word.
Scott Pilgrim: Lesbian?
Wallace: The other L-word.
Scott: … Lesbians?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is set and shot in my stomping ground of Toronto, Ontario.
The movie features numerous cameos by popular T-Dot destinations such as Casa Loma, St. Michael’s College School, Sonic Boom, the Toronto Public Library Wychwood Library, a Goodwill location on St. Clair West, a Second Cup, and a Pizza Pizza! Fun fun fun

Starring: Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers, Anna Kendrick as Stacey Pilgrim, Brie Larson as Envy Adams, Chris Evans as Lucas Lee and Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram, dir. Edgar Wright.

gif source: tech noir
Cinematographer: Bill Pope (CluelessThe Matrix, Spider-Man 2, The Jungle Book)

Pleasantville (1998)


Jennifer: This place gives me the creeps! Did you know that the books are blank?
David: What?
Jennifer: Yeah, I was in the library and I looked, and they have covers and there’s nothing inside of them.
David: What were you doing in a library?
Jennifer: I got lost.

Starring: Reese Witherspoon as Jennifer/Mary Sue, Tobey Maguire as David/Bud, Paul Walker as Skip Martin, Joan Allen as Betty Parker and William H. Macy as George Parker, dir. Gary Ross.

gif source: r/Cinemagraphs
Cinematographer: John Lindley (Field of Dreams, You’ve Got Mail, The Sum of All Fears)

Shaun The Sheep (2015) Movie Review


I did not expect to love a movie, that had not a lick of dialogue, this much

Stop-motion animation is a beautiful work of art and the people over at Aardman Animation know exactly how to make movies that utilize this form of animation. I had never heard of the Shaun The Sheep property and after watching this surprisingly wonderful and heartwarming movie, I am hungry for more of these adorable animals.

Seeing the struggles these damn sheep endure in order to be reunited with their Farmer pulled at my heartstrings and made me laugh aloud. Every sheep served their purpose and essentially every single character had their own distinct traits that made them unique. Shaun is an incredible protagonist and is honestly climbing up my list of my favourite animated protagonists of all time. He makes mistakes. He has ambitions. He loves. He fears. HE’S ADORABLE. The movie doesn’t treat its audience like they are morons which is something I thoroughly appreciate in a “kid’s movie.” They flash back to moments that are significant in order to help the younger, and by extension, stupider (because they’re small), audience be aware of what is going on but I really never felt bored or exhausted by the flashbacks. I felt so attached to these characters and we really only share like an hour and a half together…

I also cried way more than I am willing to admit… 

shaun gif

The film is paced well, the sheep and humans alike were fleshed out, there were moments that made me genuinely laugh and again guys, I grew way more attached than I would’ve liked to these fictional characters. The scenes in the Pound specifically and the Poor Ugly Dog that nobody wanted really got to me. I wanted to hug all those creatures and scream, “it’s going to be alright! You’ll all find homes!!” 

I mean it’s not… that bad..

This movie made me happy and feel warm and tingly all over. That’s really all that there is. If you’re interested in an incredibly beautiful looking stop-motion animation and want to feel, please check out Shaun The Sheep. I so wish I checked this out when it appeared in theatres for that one month.

Shaun The Sheep receives a coveted 5/5 Matt Damon heads.


knock out street fighter gif perfect

High-Rise (2016)


Ann: There’s no food left. Only the dogs. And Mrs. Hillman is refusing to clean unless I pay her what I apparently owe her. Like all poor people, she’s obsessed with money.

Starring: Tom Hiddleston as Dr. Robert Laing, Sienna Miller as Charlotte Melville, Luke Evans as Richard Wilder, Jeremy Irons as Anthony Royal and Elisabeth Moss as Helen Wilder, dir. Ben Wheatley.

gif source: orbo-cinemagraphs
Cinematographer: Laurie Rose (Peaky Blinders, Kill List)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Poe Dameron: … So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first?

Starring: Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, Oscar Isaac as Poe Damneron, Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, dir. JJ Abrams… Ghezal’s TFA Review 🙂

gif source: technoir
Cinematographer: Dan Mindel (Star Trek, John Carter, ST: Into Darkness)

Deadpool (2016)


Deadpool: Chicka-chickahhhh

Starring: Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/DEADPOOL, TJ Miller as Weasel, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Ed Skrein as Ajax and Gina Carona as Angel Dust, dir. Tim Miller. Ghezal’s Deadpool review 🙂

gif source: tech noir
Cinematographer: Ken Seng (Quarantine, Bad Words)

Happy 20th to Mission: Impossible (1996)


It’s been 20 years since the Brain De Palma directed classic hit the screens and spawned a franchise that just keeps getting better.

We’re all familiar with that very first note of the fantastically wonderful theme tune of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Originally based on the TV series of the same name, the Brian De Palma directed Mission: Impossible featured the talents of the ever growing in popularity Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Jon Voight, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Emmanuelle Béart.

Memorable and Arguably Dangerous AF Scene
Tom Cruise has become synonymous with wanting to do his own stunt work and having insanely insane action sequences whenever he is in a M:I movie. The “Fish Tank” scene in which Ethan is accused of being a mole is an example of an idea Cruise had that would just be swell to witness on screen.

After shooting the scene with a stuntman, director De Palma felt it “did not look convincing” so he asked Cruise if he could do the scene himself, despite the “possibility that the actor could have drowned.”

There were 16 tons of water in all of the tanks and when the climactic detonation would occur, there were obvious concerns that the glass would possibly fly out and hurt someone.

mi gif

Critical Reception
Other than the second entry of the franchise, the Rotten Tomatoes scores for the Mission: Impossible franchise has only grown, with the latter two entries, both released 15 years following the first, garnering the highest scores of the entire franchise.
Ghost Protocol (2011) and Rogue Nation (2015) both scoring a 93%

Jim Phelps: Any questions?
Ethan Hunt: Yeah. Could we get a cappuccino machine in here? ‘Cause I don’t know what you call this.
Jack Harmen: I call it cruel and unusual.
Claire Phelps: Hey, I made that coffee.
Ethan: Exactly.