accurate assessment of the situation


Hey guys.
I just finished the newest season of Netflix’s House of Cards… And it was fan-tastic.
I’ve seen way too much television for my own good. For real, I consider TV-watching as a hobby. That’s how much I am dedicated to it… I can say for certainty that this latest season of House of Cards is one of the greatest seasons of television I’ve ever seen.

Francis Underwood is simply something and a half.

Watching his journey in the political turmoil & scandal of the US government is a beautiful thing to witness. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood is simply the perfect casting and I truly believe the casting director of this series deserves all the awards.

So the final moments of the episode I was watching were occurring and, of course, I’m here like WHOAAAAAA SHIT’S GOING DOWN. SHIT’S INSANE!

And then it ends.

I want more.


Thinking we have one more episode left… We look to see the Netflix queue is back on “Season 1, Episode 1″..

We were planning a night in for the finale and we just witnessed it…
All the incredibleness of it but that’s it.

Our bodies weren’t ready.

That’s my story. I need a moment for myself.