My Reaction When I finish S4 of House of Cards and think there’s one more episode left..

accurate assessment of the situation


Hey guys.
I just finished the newest season of Netflix’s House of Cards… And it was fan-tastic.
I’ve seen way too much television for my own good. For real, I consider TV-watching as a hobby. That’s how much I am dedicated to it… I can say for certainty that this latest season of House of Cards is one of the greatest seasons of television I’ve ever seen.

Francis Underwood is simply something and a half.

Watching his journey in the political turmoil & scandal of the US government is a beautiful thing to witness. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood is simply the perfect casting and I truly believe the casting director of this series deserves all the awards.

So the final moments of the episode I was watching were occurring and, of course, I’m here like WHOAAAAAA SHIT’S GOING DOWN. SHIT’S INSANE!

And then it ends.

I want more.


Thinking we have one more episode left… We look to see the Netflix queue is back on “Season 1, Episode 1″..

We were planning a night in for the finale and we just witnessed it…
All the incredibleness of it but that’s it.

Our bodies weren’t ready.

That’s my story. I need a moment for myself.



  1. Great season. Love how they make it so relevant in the real world and it’s good to see the power couple back together. Now let’s play the waiting game for Daredevil season 2.

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    • Diego, you’re speaking my language! What would you rank the last 4 seasons now? Personally I liked S3 but man, this season was something else.. For me it’s 2, 4, 1,3 & I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL DAREDEVIL! Then Game of Thrones a month after… My TV itch is scratching

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      • Agree on 2 being the weakest, then 3, 4, 1 but there’s only a small gap between the three. I’m too hyped for daredevil, I mean there’s only so many times I can watch the trailer aha! Good thing I’ve got walking dead to hold off the GoT excitement. You seen the new trailer? They’re gonna drag out this Jon Sneeeew thing, aren’t they?

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      • Oh my god dude, I keep going back and forth bw the Elektra and Punisher one! & I did! ugh seriously a tiny part of me hopes he is gone so we dont have to hear about it anymore 😉

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      • OH geez you’re right! uhhhh…. well it’s only the internet, it’s not like comments stay on the internet forever! 😉 I’m excited to see Bran being a grown-ass man

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