Deadpool (2016) Movie Review


Well.. Deadpool has managed to ruin any future “superhero” movies for me.

  • Deadpool also managed to make me laugh harder than an accumulation of a number of recent comedies whose ENTIRE purposes (that’s a word, right?) was to make me laugh.

  • Good god man Deadpool is a refreshing fucking piece of work.

    Tim Miller’s directorial debut is, as mentioned, a refreshing take on the superhero genre complete with profamity, sexy times and all that glorious, glorious violence adult audiences have been craving for. What really made me enjoy Deadpool, besides of course all the giddy “OOOOH HIS HEAD FELL OFF!” moments, was the underlying heart this movie had that completely caught me by surprise.

Still a better love story than Twilight
This movie easily could’ve turned into the usual guy-has-to-save-his-damsel-in-distress that just sprinkles in random bursts of violence that only serves to shock the audience.. The chemistry Ryan Reynolds & Morena Baccarin have is instantaneous and you know what? I found myself feeling rather emotional at certain parts that I did not expect at all… The pairing of Wade/Vanessa is my favourite romantic coupling of any superhero/comic book film. Really the chemistry Reynolds has with everyone in this movie is terrific.
A common problem many films have are secondary characters that get lost in the plot and only serve to hinder the viewing experience.
  • From TJ Miller’s comic relief that never bordered on being too much.
  • To the tag team hero duo of Colossus & Sinead O’Connor (I can never remember her name..)
  • And the villainous duo of Francis/Ajax & Angel Dust.

Every character served their purpose and never became tiresome. The only “weak link” I can find is wanting to know more about our antagonists & their motives.. Even then, the mystery surrounding it builds intrigue and, if the stories are correct and we get a sequel, hopefully we’ll have the answers. For Miller’s first ever attempt at directing a film the action scenes were shot fantastically, the use of slow-mo was done nicely and the CGI was done seamlessly; Colossus was particularly brilliant, I could not see any hiccups when it came to his CGI.


The dialogue during the scenes between characters is written witty and wonderfully, however, and I chalk this up to Miller’s first go around at a major motion picture and my nitpicking, there are certain scenes filmed that simply went from one character to the next that occasionally bordered on stagnant. Again, the actual writing made the scene entertaining however I did find myself tiring on the simple medium shot of character X and back to a medium shot on character Y… That’s really all I find at fault with it!

Deadpool and Colossus’ banter throughout had me holding my stomach in laughter

If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh using the juvenilest of humour while also having a protagonist that is the very definition of flawed & insane, please watch Deadpool and encourage more movie studios to take a chance on similar properties… Alright I need to go watch it again and make mental notes of all the jokes.

Deadpool receives 4.5/5 Matt Damon heads.



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