Can we talk about Leo and Kate at the Oscars?

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Okay it’s been 18 years since we first saw the adorable pairing of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet at the 70th Academy Awards back in 1998.

literal goals

Tonight, both talented beauties are nominated for Oscars, Kate for the Best Supporting Actress in Steve Jobs and Leo for The Revenant… They also took pictures together on the red carpet and they were so lovely it would make the Grinch’s heart grow.


Can you believe it’s almost been twenty years since that original red carpet and these two have gotten better looking??

their secret

I cannot wait to see these two at the 100th Academy Awards.


New addition to my Leo/Kate collection: 

Congrats Leo

The Witch (2016) Movie Review


If I have to sum up this movie in one word, it would be “unnerving.”

Robert Eggers’ directorial debut of an excommunicated 17th Century Puritan family is a welcome throwback to horror films of the past that focused moreso on atmosphere and suspense rather than jump scares and all those darn jump scares. The feeling I had throughout The Witch was that of pure anxiety because of the environment Eggers managed to create.

The first act and final ten minutes or so of this film had me at the literal edge of my seat. I found myself with my feet planted straight on the ground rather than the usual position I’m in of cross-leggedness. The fear of the unknown was present throughout and the acting was actually incredible, considering more than half of the cast consists of humans under the age of 20. Anya Taylor-Joy was particularly a standout as Thomasin (it’s not a coincidence she has the word ‘sin’ in her name) and it was nice seeing Lady Lysa (Kate Dickie) play a character she’s not really familiar with: a complete loon.

“I literally hate everything about you, daughter of mine”

I originally thought I would become fatigued watching children speak Shakespearean-style English, however they were phenomenal and I actually believed I was watching a family from the 1800’s attempting to explain just what the ever living fuck was going on with them.

Rabbits… Never a good sign

Attempting to decipher exactly what was going on was a bit of a task. There were more than a couple of times I found myself asking “wait… what?” The intrigue of wanting to know what was going to happen was certainly there, however I believe if there was just a bit more explanation I think I would’ve liked the overall plot more… I do have to give major props to any horror film that strives to scare the audience psychologically rather than noisily/annoyingly so the actual aesthetic and tone of the film had me hooked. Honestly if horror focuses more on channeling that of The Babadook, The Conjuring and The Witch rather than the Paranormal Activity 70 or Ouija, we will be in for some genuine scares. PLEASE FILMMAKERS, STRIVE FOR GREATNESS.

If you’re looking for a movie that is a bit tedious of a watch, however will give you a sense of dread throughout and actually care about what will happen to the characters in a horror movie, check out The VVitch. That’s right. I did the VV thing.

The Witch receives 3.5/5 Matt Damon heads


Deadpool (2016) Movie Review


Well.. Deadpool has managed to ruin any future “superhero” movies for me.

  • Deadpool also managed to make me laugh harder than an accumulation of a number of recent comedies whose ENTIRE purposes (that’s a word, right?) was to make me laugh.

  • Good god man Deadpool is a refreshing fucking piece of work.

    Tim Miller’s directorial debut is, as mentioned, a refreshing take on the superhero genre complete with profamity, sexy times and all that glorious, glorious violence adult audiences have been craving for. What really made me enjoy Deadpool, besides of course all the giddy “OOOOH HIS HEAD FELL OFF!” moments, was the underlying heart this movie had that completely caught me by surprise.

Still a better love story than Twilight
This movie easily could’ve turned into the usual guy-has-to-save-his-damsel-in-distress that just sprinkles in random bursts of violence that only serves to shock the audience.. The chemistry Ryan Reynolds & Morena Baccarin have is instantaneous and you know what? I found myself feeling rather emotional at certain parts that I did not expect at all… The pairing of Wade/Vanessa is my favourite romantic coupling of any superhero/comic book film. Really the chemistry Reynolds has with everyone in this movie is terrific.
A common problem many films have are secondary characters that get lost in the plot and only serve to hinder the viewing experience.
  • From TJ Miller’s comic relief that never bordered on being too much.
  • To the tag team hero duo of Colossus & Sinead O’Connor (I can never remember her name..)
  • And the villainous duo of Francis/Ajax & Angel Dust.

Every character served their purpose and never became tiresome. The only “weak link” I can find is wanting to know more about our antagonists & their motives.. Even then, the mystery surrounding it builds intrigue and, if the stories are correct and we get a sequel, hopefully we’ll have the answers. For Miller’s first ever attempt at directing a film the action scenes were shot fantastically, the use of slow-mo was done nicely and the CGI was done seamlessly; Colossus was particularly brilliant, I could not see any hiccups when it came to his CGI.


The dialogue during the scenes between characters is written witty and wonderfully, however, and I chalk this up to Miller’s first go around at a major motion picture and my nitpicking, there are certain scenes filmed that simply went from one character to the next that occasionally bordered on stagnant. Again, the actual writing made the scene entertaining however I did find myself tiring on the simple medium shot of character X and back to a medium shot on character Y… That’s really all I find at fault with it!

Deadpool and Colossus’ banter throughout had me holding my stomach in laughter

If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh using the juvenilest of humour while also having a protagonist that is the very definition of flawed & insane, please watch Deadpool and encourage more movie studios to take a chance on similar properties… Alright I need to go watch it again and make mental notes of all the jokes.

Deadpool receives 4.5/5 Matt Damon heads.



[quick thoughts]

So did anyone expect seeing a new Bourne trailer tonight? I SURE AS SHOOT DIDN’T and oh man am I way too hyped for July 29th. 

Just look


At this




There is a reason why I rank my reviews by Matt Damon heads. Besides the fact that he is an incredible looking specimen, that man is a fan-fucking-tastic actor and his role as Jason Bourne was the movie that put him on the map for me. To see him team back up with direction from Paul Greengrass, who helmed Supremacy and Ultimatum, only works to heighten my expectations.

Seeing Matt Damon back in the role that made me fall in love with him and he appears to be skilled the art of complete bad assery (I’m sorry..) makes me feel every emotion a human can feel that is related to feeling good… HE PUNCHES A GUY OUT IN ONE SHOT, MAN. 

I need to calm myself down before I completely lose it and vomit all my Bourne Fanboyness everywhere. T-Minus 5 months.

The Hype is Real

The Revenant (2015) Movie Review



The Revenant, or as I like to call it, WHY WON’T YOU DIE?: The Movie.

This movie is an experience and a half. From the moment I first heard about what this story was about (wait.. he’s left for dead in the forest after BEING MAULED BY A BEAR?!) to the second those credits roll, the story of Hugh Glass is something that blows the mind when realizing just how strong one’s devotion to survival can be.

Let’s get one thing straight: The Revenant is one gorgeous looking movie. The director/cinematographer pairing of Iñárritu and Lubezki is slowly becoming one of my favourites, following their collaboration on 2014’s Best Picture winner Birdman, and I think 0 people are surprised they have the nomination for this year’s Best Picture as well. It’s difficult to deny just how incredible some of these shots are and watching the movie for the cinematography alone would be a worth a watch.


Now the acting… Is Leo going to get that little, coveted & revered golden bastard? That man has been on a whirlwind of press tours to promote this movie and, subsequently, promoting his performance. DiCap did a tremendous job portraying a man at the brink of death almost every other second… Leo will win this year. His portrayal of Glass is gritty, real, graphic, disturbing, basically any synonym of “batshit crazy”… Is this his greatest performance of his career? My personal opinion is this: It’s not his best and, not taking away from anything Leo did because he was fantastic, I truly believe Fassbender should win this year. Guys, you know who was insane? Tom.. Motherf’ing.. Hardy. God is there anything that man can’t do?? His portrayal of Fitzgerald is one of the best “villain” performances of recent memory and you know what the greatest sign of a terrific antagonist is? Someone who makes the viewer see his/her side… And let me tell you: I found myself agreeing with him multiple times after placing myself in his shoes and that’s simply bananas.

The Revenant clocks in at little over 2 and a half hours yet everyone in my theatre was enthralled throughout it. Honestly, to get the most enjoyment out of this film would be to watch it on the biggest of screens you can find. There are certain aspects to the movie that did make me go “huh?” a couple of times and man, there were times I struggled a bit on trying to decipher what some characters were saying because evidently enunciation wasn’t a thing in the 1800’s! I also needed a warm shower after watching it with a ton of nice, clean soap so if anything, the movie made me appreciate the little things.

If you’re looking for a movie with a stellar cast, absolutely gorgeous cinematography and have a few hours to really sit down and soak up the world of The Revenant, do yourself a favour and see why everyone is shipping the Bear + Leo.


The Revenant receives 4/5 Matt Damon heads.