Greetings and Salutations!

If you know what movie my first ever title on this page is from, we can be stranger friends forever < 3

Hello to all and to all, a good night. My name is Ghezal and, as you probably have guessed from the name of this blog, I happen to love movies. All kinds of movies, really:

  • Short movies.
  • Loooooooooooooooooooooooooong movies.
  • Movies about movies.
  • Movies within movies (is such a thing even possible?)
  • Kids movies. Teen movies predating 2010 (sorry DUFF).
  • Classic movies.
  • Boring movies. Exciting movies (I would prefer exciting).
  • Matt Damon movies.

You name it… I watch it.

There are a billion and a half movie reviewers and critics on the internet today. What I hope I can accomplish with my reviews and content, or anything really, is putting a smile on my reader’s face and hopefully articulating whether a particular movie is worth their sweet, precious time and dollar dollar bills.

That is my introduction. I hope I didn’t bore you. If I did… well…. sheeeeeit.

Happy reading! Oh, and in case I don’t see you:

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